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Airport Vehicles & Equipment Sales, Rentals, Leases, Repairs & Maintenance.


All for the good of our airline clients and their passengers.

AGSS is an airline ground support service company located in Orlando, Florida. We supply and service our airline clients with all of the vehicles, equipment and maintenance that help keep aircrafts on time.  

All The Ground Services Equipment Rentals, Leasing Or Purchasing You Need.

If some or all your airport ground vehicles or equipment need to be updated, contact AGSS. We can supply ground equipment for sale, rent or lease from top manufacturers. Get personalized service, great deals and a built-in maintenance and repair team to keep everything running great.


Aircraft Pushback Tugs


Baggage Tractors


Belt Loaders


Lavatory Trucks


A/C Units


Power Units


Water Carts 


Baggage Carts


Baggage Dollies


Tow Bars

From pushback tugs to tractors and loaders, to dollies and carts, AGSS can help you buy, rent or lease the right equipment for the right job. Call us today to discuss what type of vehicle or equipment you need.

Ground Services Equipment Inspection And Preventive Maintenance Plans.


Every piece of ground support equipment is important for an airport to run efficiently.


To keep all of your ground vehicles and equipment running at optimal performance, preventive maintenance is imperative and required by the FAA. The preventive maintenance plans that AGSS provides can drastically reduce delays and downtime. For your convienence, AGSS can perform scheduled or periodic maintenance at off-peak hours.

Engine Powered Vehicles & Ground Equipment Inspection And Maintenance

  • Belts & Hoses

  • Towbar Stress

  • Body Cracks And Dents

  • Lifting Mechanisms

  • Braking System

  • Hydraulics

  • Sensors & More

  • Oil Pressure

  • Clutch Efficiency

  • Transmission 

  • Tire Pressure & Treads

  • Leakages

  • Fluid Contamination

  • Emergency Lights

Stationary Ground Equipment Inspection And Maintenance

  • Missing Or Loose Bolts Or Pins

  • Head Attachment Inspection

  • Properly Inflated Tires

  • Axles And Bearings Greased

  • Worn Bushings & More

Emergency Or Scheduled Ground Equipment Repair Services.

AGSS mechanics are well trained and very experienced. We know ground support equipment inside and out. And if your repairs are time sensitive, our mobile repair unit can be on the scene to perform the necessary repairs in a timely fashion. Trust AGSS to keep your equipment in peak operating performance.

Airline Executives, Passengers And Even Pilots All Appreciate AGSS.

At AGSS, it is our mission to help airlines with ground vehicles and equipment sales, rentals, leases, maintenance and repairs. We provide the support you need to help ensure that your vehicles and equipment are well maintained.

Contact Orlando's Top Airline Ground Support Services Company.

Contact us today for more information or to set an in-person meeting.

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